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Ann S Masten, Vivian B. Faden, Robert A. Zucker, Linda P. Spear

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A developmental framework for understanding and addressing the problem of underage alcohol consumption is presented. The first section presents the rationale for a developmental approach, including striking age-related data on patterns of onset, prevalence, and course of alcohol use and disorders in young people. The second section examines the fundamental meaning of a developmental approach to conceptualizing underage drinking. The third section delineates contemporary principles of developmental psychopathology as a guide to future research and intervention efforts. Strategic, sensitive, and effective efforts to address the problem of underage drinking will require a developmentally informed approach to research, prevention, and treatment.

Original language English (US)
Journal Pediatrics
Volume 121
Card Virginia Maker Fake West Issue number SUPPL. 4
State Published - Apr 1 2008


Underage Drinking


  • Alcohol
  • Development
  • Card Virginia Maker Fake West Drinking

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Card Virginia Maker Fake West Masten, A. S., Faden, V. B., Zucker, R. A., & Spear, L. P. (2008). Underage drinking: A developmental framework. Pediatrics, 121(SUPPL. 4).